Terrace gardens come in all shapes, forms and designs and is possible in a home, multi story building, low rise building, hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, institutes and in other establishments as well. In today's times, where cities lack gardens in order to make more area for housing , building a terrace garden with whatever space you have is the best solution to create a direct contact with nature. It adds a touch of green to the most ignored corner of your house i.e. the terrace. Imagine the feel of sitting on your most comfortable couch , sipping on your luscious coffee amidst aromatic flowers swaying all around in the gentle breeze and looking at the sun ready to set in the evening. What minimum you get is a perfect place to unwind , enjoy and what maximum you get is a rejuvenation of your inner self.

TerraVista provides specialized terrace garden solutions, essential for today's lifestyle where you can appreciate the beauty and pleasure of nature at home. Therefore, we can design your signature garden that can be "lived in", stimulating all your five senses as only nature can.